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In an era when the venerable icon of America’s candy industry, Hershey is closing plants in Pennsylvania and opening up in Mexico, Joe Higgins is bucking the trend. His little chocolate shop and bakery next to PJ’s restaurant at 75th Ave., just west of Gulf Blvd. is dedicated to American made quality.

If you are a chocolate lover, you sense that these are quality chocolates before you even open the door. Gleaming out of a golden case, a mouth-watering variety of dark and milk chocolate confections tempt you. The real difference in Joe’s work, however, lies beneath the surface. Using only top-quality, all-natural ingredients, mixing fillings in small batches, Joe attempts to make the world’s best sweets.

A pastry chef for many years, he admits to being addicted to perfection. His cakes and pies have been in demand by those in the know for years. Custom and freshly made to your wish, Joe’s cakes come in all shapes and sizes. He can show you pictures. His chocolate icing is arguably the finest you ever tasted. The one exception he makes to his ‘Made in America’ mantra is ‘the chocolate’. “The same world-famous Belgian chocolate you’ll find in top quality Godiva chocolates is a must to compete,” says Joe.

New repeat customers often remark “Your candy tastes better than Godiva and I don’t have to leave the island.” With the global weakness in the U.S. greenback, prices for everything are going up, not the least of which are local rents, taxes and insurance, but Joe says he can still compete. He’s trying to keep his prices 1/3rd under Godiva’s for the chocolates.

Joe’s 10” deep dish pies are custom made, the old-fashioned way. The fruit pies weigh in around 4-5 lbs. The cakes, also custom made, not off the shelf. Order by 10AM, pick up after 5PM or the next day. Cheesecakes and layer cakes take overnight to cool.

For special occasions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., consider Joe your personal chef. 

What’s that old saying? Life is short…you’ve got to stop and taste the chocolate. You can find Joe at work daily from 1 until at least 8 pm. Stop by: 595 Corey Ave. SPB, or call . Chocolate Specialties by Joe.


Reprinted with permission from "Paradise NEWS" (, a local magazine in the St. Pete Beach, Fl area

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