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Do not settle for off the shelf!

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What separates Chocolate Specialties by Joe?

We will provide you with the finest quality and freshest ingredients to make your special day, special! Each specialty cake is freshly baked and made to your specifications.

Our fillings are mousses, Bavarian creams, curds and coulis at no additional charge.

The finished product is enrobed in buttercream made with butter and completed with your flavor of choice including Chambord, Amaretto, Frangelico, Grand Marnier or whatever you preference at no additional cost.



Free Consultation and Tasting

Your happiness and complete satisfaction is our number one priority

We can also provide European style, hand made confections for your favors.

Our products are made fresh and are made to order with only the finest ingredients. We are an extension of your kitchen, for your special function whether it be a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, shower,promotion, holiday, dinner parties or whatever the occasion.



Our Baked Products are the Best you can get!

Commercially made cakes use vegetable shortening to reduce the cost.  My buttercream frosting and/or filling are made with real butter and real fruit so you can enjoy the lightness of the frosting and the true taste of the fruit flavors.

Therefore, the taste of our cakes and desserts will be unforgettable and you'll be happy you went the "extra mile" to get the quality you deserve.

We have the ability to customize any of the products to suit your tastes and needs. I do not want you to have to settle for off the shelf! I will work with you to design your special treat, or treats, to conform to your taste, wants and desires.


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